Jul 8, 2012
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Going to spend a few days in Montreal with the gf in a couple weeks. Anybody, local or otherwise, have any suggestions on places to visit? Sight seeing, restaurants/foods to try etc?

Welcome to Montreal. If you want to try a great Italian restaurant, try Il Piatto Pieno, the plate are VERY generous, you bring your wine and the prices are very reasonable. 177 St-Zotique E. 514 276-1076. Call before, on week end its always loaded, but so good. There is also Schwartz, it is a smoke meet place renowned world wild, the place is property of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil. Also if you like steak, there is a chain named Steak frites. You bring your wine and the meat is awesome, good price for the quality of the food. Me and my wife share a 12 onces filet mignon plate and it is enough. Check on the net for the location closer to your hotel. You have to walk on Ste Catherine street. St Denis street from Ontario street heading north. St-Laurent street where you will cross the China town, the Italian and the Portuguese neighborhood. If it is to cold, visit the Montreal underground. You can access by the metro and visit plenty of building and shopping alley in a warm atmosphere and lots of good place to eat for a very cheap price kid like these places. BUT you have to go on the south shore and visit Quartier dix30. It is a HUGE shopping village and restaurant, movies.ect ect ect. They have a web site and you can find boutique of all range from very reasonable prices to high end place. Don't miss the Christmas tree on the Square. They have an underground, heated free parking (remember your parking spot AND the level. I lost my ZR1 over there, the security guy gave us a ride to find the car, very funny situation). Every where you can be answered in french or english. There are also information center who can provide a lot more attraction to visit. Don't forget to take a walk in the old port of Montreal, A little more expensive but nice to visit. Hope it help a bit and have a great time. Stephane: :seeya:
I second everything the boss says in his email. I have been to Montreal many, many times and have visited or eaten in each of the places he mentions and they are all fantastic. Great city!
Take a trip up Mount Royal for a incredible view of Montreal. As The Boss said, Swartz's Deli for perhaps the best Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich anywhere.

Visit Old Montreal, some nice shops and many restaurants. If the Canadien's are playing see if you can take in a game. They actually have fans there! Lots of fun and the underground takes your right to the arena.

Have a great time take lots of pictures and let us know how the trip went. Have fun.
And....if you have kids in tow, visit the Biosphere where you go through
the 4 main regions on earth......tropical, arctic, desert etc. And adults will enjoy
this too; at least I really enjoyed it.
Location....where the Expos used to play ball !!

welland......12 ins snow in the past 12 hours !!!
I forgot the best ribs in the world are at Baton Rouge. Many location, a little pricey but worth the money

I'll second that. Their steaks are great too. And their deserts. I ate at the one in Anjou.
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Thanks for all the suggestion guys! Unfortunately I was not able to visit every place that was suggested here, but i definitely plan on going back. It is such a lovely city and everyone there is very pleasant.

Some of the hilights and must visit places that i would definitely recommend to anyone visiting

La Banquise (24h poutine, what's not to love? seems to always be a packed house)
Poutineville (a little out of the way but i actually preferred this over la banquise)
Au Pied Du Couchon (amazing service and huge portions. we had salmon belly marinated in maple syrup to start which was delicious and i had the pork knuckles which was a huge mess of deliciousness. I'm not usually one to have any leftovers to take home with me, but i had to throw in the towel here)
Juliet et Choclat (more of a dessert place for all things chocolate, the hot chocolate was delicious)

Other notables
Schwartz (amazing montreal smoked meat)'
Steak Frites (thanks theboss, very tender steaks. I went to the one in Old Montreal)
Biodome (a lot better than the zoo, when we went, most we were able to spot most of the animals unlike the Toronto zoo where most of the animals were in hiding)

For the hockey lovers, you can visit the Canadiens Hockey Hall of Fame located within the Bell Centre. The gentleman at the counter told us that it usually gets busy during game days, so if you can try to schedule it on an off night. When we went we were literally the only people there so we were able to take our time going through the entire exhibit

I did manage to go to Old Montreal and visit Notre-Dame Basilica, but it was way too cold (something like -35 including windchill) to spend time walking around the town.

Mount Royal, great view of the city had to go back twice cause the first night was too foggy to see the city.

Thanks for all the input guys. It was really appreciated. Who needs travel advisors when I have you guys! lol
Sounds like you had a great time to say nothing of being very busy!!

Thanks for the trip report. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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