surf'n wagon, nice. california plates I think, the bumper looks one piece so that is California only for the USA, our Canadian cars all had one piece. Love the tube grill. Notice the exhaust cutouts behind the front tires. Impala rocker moldings added, stainless drip rails holding down the roof racks , shaved hood , chromed the front air intake grill in front of the windshield, looks like riding on air.
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The whole line up....well most of them I guess

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wow , I'm sure if you walked in there with $20K cash you could buy all 5 off the show room floor. Missing is a Corvette . I love the signs wish I had them. Hard to tell from across the street here , but looks like a Brookwood wagon, BelAir , Delray, Biscayne and the Impala.
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The chair is Canadian 4 sure, haha , but the car could be either. It has one piece bumper but that is Canadian or California built. Another old style custom, again I like the tube grill !! , chrome reverse with bullet center caps popular choice in the 60's. Cruiser skirts, tripple lake pipes , shaved hood , removed top fender ornaments and filled in front fenders side louvers, shortened front fender side molding, tuck 'n roll uphostery , top 1/2 of the rad is covered fancy maybe just a show piece , ribbed aluminum removed between the body side molding plus the pitchfork molding is gone and filled on lower front quarter . I don't see antenna bases so aerials may be frenched in . Another detailed paint job with the stripes.
Black 03 Z06 , I learned to drive in a 58 , and had / have many of them so I know every bolt in these cars. You keep digging them up and I will keep posting what I see. I am enjoying this big time. Don't know what any other readers are thinking but we are having some fun here. You still didn't find a 58 El Camino conversion , there are a few out there so look for one.

As for the one in flames , again a lovely tube grill only fatter tubes probabl'y 3/4" so one less tube than most. He removed the chev emblem off the hood but kept the V which is exactly what I did to all of mine. Wire rims with tri bar spinners. Kinda dark to see but looks like full cruiser skirts on there. Continental kit in back too. Now here's the " hmmm ? " for me. It's not a hardtop roofline, and not a convertible either from what I can see. And the windshield looks abit low so is this baby chopped ? And the roof looks so one piece like what they called a " Carson Top " back then. Wish there was a better pic of the car from the rear to better tell. To me it has the wrong wheels, a set of Cragar SS would look much better.

As far as the Cadillac 60-61 ? dual aerials , and a wild paint job that took alot of time to mask off and spray.
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I don't know what the other readers think either but I think this is a great thread. I also learned to drive in a 58. Ok... It was a 58 Volkswagon, but this is still super interesting stuff... And once again, part of the amazement is the in-depth knowledge and passion that just keeps surfacing on this forum. :thumbs:
Really like the stance of this one...even though the wheels are modern in design they look pretty good on this one...

View attachment 20794

.....This Impala sport coupe has the top front fender ornaments removed , front fender side louvers ( 4 each side ) removed and body indent filled. The front fender side molding has been replaced by a rear quarter molding. The aluminum ribbed insert removed between the moldings on the door and rear quarter now showing the body paint color. The pitchfork molding has been removed but the body indent is still very visable lower front of rear quarter panel . Impala script, crossflags and 4 finger moldings also all removed from rear quarters. The wide rocker panel moldings are gone too. And last of all that I can see is that there is no door lock or handle both filled in and no windshield wipers or aerials. This car shed a few pounds with the stuff taken off. My guess as not being able to see all around as the builders style, is that the hood and trunk lid are shaved as well. Nice set of wheels maybe 17 or 18's unknown make to me. And last of all she is lowered possibly riding on air. A smooth clean looking mild custom.
OK , now the orange El Camino , wait a minute , El Camino's did not come out till '59 , so what is this ?? I think this is the same creation I seen in Saskatoon a few years ago which was owned by a fellow from Moose Jaw. OK here's my view on this one so try follow what I see. The car started out as a 4 door wagon is what guys build these from. The fold down tail gate is left but the up lifting glass door portion is taken with a part of the roof and pillars and is mated to the front roof section about where the doors end. The sloped pillars from the rear now give that 5-6-7 Nomad look. That's alot of body work to reshape the doors and roof to look like that. The window lift is kept functional as seen. The box and tail gate is trimmed and filled to look like a factory edge finish . 58 Nomad stainless moldings are modded and used to fit the new body design. The outside sunvisor over the windshield possibly off a 5-6-7 car or truck . Cruiser skirts which you may of heard me describe in other posts, these differ from the factory fender skirts which only filled the stock wheel well opening. The aftermarket Cruisers are long and stick out as seen. They are dressed with double 58 exhaust port emblems and double 58 pontiac stars. Wheels look like American Racing. The underside of the hood is sheethed smooth and painted . Rad support and hood hinges are chromed. I don't know what the seats are from but the fabricated divider and all is almost like a Thunderbird style. OK, saving this for last. How many of you noticed the chrome on the bumpers or the tail light bezels or the seat back trim or front signal light bezels etc etc. I was floored when I saw this 4real. It is all engraved just like a belt buckle . The designs are engraved then chrome plated. One guy said the Mexicans do this work but others said a few places can do it with lasers. Either way it is unreal and must cost a fortune. This car is plastered with it everywhere.
X, I noticed the etching on the chrome, not wild about it but cannot imagine the work that went into doing it. Thanks for the education.
Judging from the cars in back, I'd say the 58 Bonneville was basically brand new pulling the Chief. Neat cartoon painted on the trunk lid of the coupe. Hard to see but looks like one of those Quick change diffs in the coupe. Nice pic.
Sharp Delray , nice wheels , paint divider above front wheel which was used on 2 tone cars only. What those 3 square things he added on the rear quarter I have no idea, but to me it spoiled the look of the car. Car looks really good in black. I have a black & white Delray 2 door post in my graveyard.

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