Black 03 Z06

Black 03 Z06

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Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
2003 Z06
Found this one thought you might enjoy it.

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if the serial number is 58Jxxxxxx then it is one of my old cars , except for the wheels , ooops maybe not, mine had exhaust ports, dual rear aerials and not a kid inside ! Thanks 4 the pic....:thumbs:....

58 SilverBlue sides
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amazing how mixed up the models are coming down the line, coupes wagons convertible. what's with the blue flouresents ? they sure make a white top look blue. the wagon has a V8 in it 283 or 348. Thanks 4 the flashback....:thumbs:....
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Yeah that Graffitti car turned my crank back then, so much that I built one similar in '79 I think it was (couldn't copy it !! ), Apparantly the guy who bought it from the studio still has it and untouched . Tried to sell it for a million but no takers. Here's mine below. Built it, Showed it and drove it only 600 miles, then stripped it bare 100 % and turned it back to the bone stock silver blue one up top in 3 months .

58 White

58 white 348interior
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well if it was stock 58 , then the 348 tripower @ 280hp , with a std tranny and posi they moved pretty good. The police 348 had 315 horse. By 61 it cranked out 350 horse and then gave birth to the legendary 409 and the 348 was gone from under a car hood. The Biscayne up top looked like it did well on the track. Nice pic.
wow what a bomb ! I bet it was done in the days with lead and no white lightning. Don't care for the front so much but firewall back is real art work. Lake Pipes just rumble and a trail of sparks as it drags down the pavement cruisin' ..
These long roof cars are pretty cool

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......The builder of this car did a nice job of what General Motors might of done if they built a 58 Nomad 2 door wagon. 58 Nomad only came in a 4 door. This guy took a plain 2 door wagon, added Impala side moldings, Nomad tailgate bars and roof moldings, plus he sloped the door post like the 5-6-7's Nomads. Very nicely done.
rockitman, what color was your Delray ? , in my graveyard I have a black & white and a yellow Delray 2 door post 6 banger.
X fire, I would have never guessed at all the changes to this car, thought it was stock. Man it really does look nice. Any pics of yours rockiman? I know this is a little off Corvettes but I find it fascinating.
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Like the front end mods on this convertible...Another good looking 58

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Tube grill 58  nose
...yeah the 58 opening is a good candidate for a tube grill. The blue ragtop has a neat modded bumper too which I never seen done. My grill plan for my Delivery is a 6 bar 5/8 round stainless tubing. I practiced on a piece and can bend 80 degree ends without kinks so hopefully it turns out. I never had a tube grill before, in my 58 Rag I used a modded 53 chev car grill, so a tube is what I want in the Delray. Just makes the front so wide and kool.

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