Jan 11, 2009
Saskatoon, SK
1987 Z51
Riley and I met at the DQ for a little bit this afternoon. I thought I would post a pic. We saw a few Vette's drive by, but no one stopped!

Nothing happened yesterday. My car spent the day in the garage hiding from the sun.
Yes and no. Yes as the day was beautiful and I was not in my car. And no, because I was at the park near the Jazz festival with a friend, who is a girl, where I got to scope out other girls.

You should have scoped out your friend -who is a girl- in the Corvette...

Like in the Simpsons' Kane and Kodos: they say a back alley or the back seat of a camaro works the best :rofl: I bet a C-5 would be A-OK! eventhough they are not as cool as the older Vettes! LOL
We had a couple dogs out and dogs and the Vette do not mix. Dog slobber and hair are fine, just nowhere near the car.
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