Thank. Dealer say after regional tech. Inspect front pad he say track wear are not covered, that my dealer explication. I will check for hawk. I store my car next week so i will have time for do that this winter. Thank again. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416496120684163

My front pad.destroy after 9000 km
Our club has a few autocross racers and they like the Hawk Pads. There are many to choose to from, some are great but with high dust and noise. Pick one that best suits your all around driving needs.
That really sucks Alexmartinez. I've used the Hawk HP Plus and HPS pads in the past. They are a good pad, but can be extremely noisy for everyday driving. I'm currently using EBC Reds and like them too, although they can be pretty dusty. I do some AutoX and lapping days and they are holding up well. I just make sure to wipe my wheels down frequently to avoid "pitting". If you are doing a lot of track days, I know that some guys are using Kobalt pads. Maybe something to consider.

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