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Feb 13, 2023
Rural NE Alberta
2019 C7 Z06 3LZ
I picked up a '19 Z06 this spring and I've put on about 800km since I bought it. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed an oil puddle under my diff today. So up on my lift the car went and I noticed that the leak was coming from the fill plug. I used a small 1/4 pivoting rachet with a 3/8 adapter to get onto the plug.....and it was LOOSE! So loose that I could move the plug with my fingers. Have any of you had a fill plug on the C7 loosen up on you? I know the dealer changed the fluid as per my request so is it possible that the plug backed off over 800km or, more likely, wasn't tightened properly??? Previous to this I've taken several 100/150 km trips without any evidence of leaking....until now. I'm going to top the diff up, tighten down the plug, and just monitor the situation but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone before. Perhaps the plug gasket needs to be replaced??? Thanks.
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Late response to the thread.... I change my own fluids on the C7, and perhaps because of the awkward location of where the fill plug is located, someone got lazy and or perhaps did not torque the plug to specs, and, in due course the plug started to shake itself loose..... lucky you caught it! I would also suggest that upon initial refill of the rear diff, when you start to notice some of the fluid drip out, don't put the plug back in yet, let the car sit for at least 20 to 25 minutes then refill and put the plug back in. Then drive the car for a day and recheck. Generally speaking, it then takes another 3-4 oz.. and make sure that the car is perfectly level. Even if the rear is just a couple of inches lower, the fluid will start to pour out early and the diff will not be full. Yes replacing the plug gasket can be beneficial, but I have never had a problem with replacing every other time.
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