Sep 21, 2014
2003 C5 vert
No, not a Vette:( but still quite sweet. We were planning on another Vette for the wife but she is not that tall so the Vettes are kind of hard for her to see over the dash.
Looks like we are going to order a 2015 Mustang 5 litre GT. Probably white with 6 speed manual. Should be a fun summer for us this year.

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Thanks guy's, I looked over one today on a lot here in town. Not the GT but pretty close to the same car. I think the white will look awsum with the black accents.
I like the interior layout as well. Just need to talk... ''she who must be obeyed'' into leather.......NOT cloth!:nono:


Not sure how it will all pan out with the wife but we are very close. I think some rides will be in her car and some in mine and then make a bunch of trips out to see friends in both.
It's my 12 yr old son who will have some hard decisions to make.:D

Go with mom......go with dad:confused: Can't wait till he's ready to drive, I guarantee it will be a Vette! This kid's got a grin from ear to ear when we are out with the tunes cranked.

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