May 19, 2010
Woodstock, Ontario
2000 C5
Hey I have had my corvette for about 2 weeks now and was just wondering if anybody could tell me some good info on it. Any kind of info like engine trani. Features of it. Fixes I should look into, does and donts. Its a 2000 targa top, pretty much base model. Thanks
One thing is if you are stopped, you can hold down the active handling button which will deactivate the traction control so you can have some wheel spin but keep the skid control on and save you if your car gets out of line. Very good to know if you take your car to the strip.

The only fixes I would look into are the ones where something is broken. If all is working well, drive and enjoy! Should you have any issues with your car, come on here and someone will be able to help get you in the right direction.
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