Jan 8, 2015
2007 C6 Twin Turbo
Just wanted to share my twin turbo LS2 C6. I designed this kit for a few reasons. Number 1 was the engine bay is already so tight it gets heat soaked to fast. Number 2 was I wanted to maintain the factory cast manifolds because Iai knew the would take the heat and I would never have to worry about a crack. I also wanted nice cold fresh air to keep my intake temps down. And finally I wanted my turbos well protected. I make alot of trips to Alberta and in the event I was 700km from home I didnt want to worry about my red hot turbo hitting a nice cold puddel. Anyways heres what the end result was. I have a great video on youtube but due to forum rules I dont think I can post it.

Heres when I bought the car in spring, I had a 2012 twin turbo Mustang I built I sold for it.

Thanks guys. I made 557whp at 5.5/6psi. That was just using some Z06 injectors I had laying around. This year Im going 60s, and Meth ( with some drag radials) hope to see 700whp or close to it at 12/13psi.
Nice Car Steve! Was wondering how you installed rear turbos... Welcome to the forum!
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