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Apr 27, 2014
2014 Z51 Conv't
Walked by my covered up baby in the garage this morning--battery maintainer showing green..I resisted the temptation to remove the car cover so I could gaze at my sleeping beauty. A long way till spring!
Today, I had the cover off, vacuumed everything clean then gave the seats a triple treatment of leather conditioner. I must be getting old. That huge urge wasn't there to go for a drive. I can wait until spring.....but it is going to be a long winter, just like every other one. We put lots of miles on the car over the summer taking it out at every opportunity so we have a good amount of fun by the time Winter arrives. Remembrance day was very nice and we went for a nice long drive after the service. Last one for the year it turns out. The cover is on to stay now until spring. The winter gods stay clear of me. I drove the COPO Chevelle 12 months of the year until 1972. The gods threw up their hands right then and there.
You're making me realize that there is a downside to owning one of these cars... winters will go from being long to really, really unbearable.
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