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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
----- it's on the '94 vert and I've sourced a good looking lip spoiler.
Like the ZR-1 spoiler on the GS, this one is not garish and quite subtle.

Here's a few of it on a red C4:
What do you think?

Where is this spoiler sourced from? It does look good, and I think it would really help keeping dust out of the rear lights and plate recess. (big problem with the concave rear C4's)
That first shot makes it look REALLY small....but then after seeing the rest of the photos, it looks like it will add a really nice subtle look to the rear end.

That's what I'm looking for Riley -- Don't want anything too gaudy.

I'm leaning toward black lettering for the same reason.

I think you should talk to Cookie , he seems to have a flair and a keen eye for spoilers, maybe someting in a Cherry wood :D
Would love a Corsa Exhaust for my '94 along with a tune, synthetics front to rear, and braided brake lines........maybe an intake and smooth connector tube ......:D -- I'm getting the bug again.

Not sure if I'd go the Touring or Sport system. The Extreme sounds too far out there for me.

After hearing the Touring, I think I'll go that route.
The systems aren't cheap but warranty, build quality, and ease of install are reported to be one of the best.

Is it spring yet?

It's a little subtle but the paint makes it stand out a bit more:


and if it's good enough for a Viper.....


and I could certainly whip you up one of these...


and not to forget Tony's next mod


Colin, I think spoilers are just like buying wallpaper... your first choice is always the best.
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Hey Colin, I bought one off Ebay in the fall. It sticks on with 3M tape. Cost was approx. $30 shipped to my door. I like it, it is subtle.

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