Dec 24, 2013
Stingray 2014
Hi guy,

Im 23 from Brampton. I had BMW 750li 2011 and I trade that with new c7 . Its been more then a month and I drove 4000k already. Just wanna share some pictures of my c7 with you guys.


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Welcome to CCF and a hearty congrats on the new Vette....From what I can see she looks absolutely beautiful.....
You got yourself a great Christmas present there.

I look forward to more pics and hearing all about it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Colin (Cambridge)


It was the best day of my life! Actually I wanted to buy a Viper 2013, so I visited Dodge's dealership,but unfortunately they didn't have one for test-drive at that time. They asked me to come on weekend. Next day I went to GMs dealership and saw this car, it was on their display. I was amazed!!I can't express it in words :) Without thinking of anything I gave them security deposit and next day it was ready for pick up..GM did a excellent job!
I had bmw 750li 11 before this one...I'll share some pictures and videos soon.

Happy new year to all!!

Thank you once again. :)

LOL, it has the same effect on most of us -- We first saw it at the Canadian auto show in TO a year ago -- it is stunning........

From what I've read about the Viper, the C7 is much more civilized and a real pleasure to drive--- and hallelujah less than half the price .:D

Can't wait to hear more about it, and see some pictures.
Congrats on the purchase. I'd love one myself. Alas money and room is a problem....

Hey Raza!

That is a great story. Glad we could swing you from the dark side! :D

But in all fairness, the Vipers are amazing cars!.....I just happen to prefer the Vette a little more being a Chevy guy and the fact that I still can't get used to the sound of a V-10.

I can't wait until I can actually see a C7 in the flesh.
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