Well its closer than it seems if you really think about it!! Lol listen to me being the optimist. I hate the winter lol
The days are now getting longer and Spring is only a few weeks away. Sadly though these are the toughest weeks to get through.
Nice Car! Love the wheels. I was hoping spring would be here a couple months ago now.:D
isn't yours lowered?? :rofl:

Yes mine is, I was actually comparing my neighbours wifes C6 to his C5. The C6 always seems to have more clearance. And in his opinion the newer Vette seems to be a much better daily driver!

Seems that mine is sitting on longer bolts,I used washers to shim it so it would make it into my garage,by the look of that C5 Z I will go for the stockers and use the lowest adjustment.
For sure. I like how your car looks and would like to have mine that low. I just wish the roads would accommodate such a stance.
Not sure but take a look around here. "Toque" posted some pics of his c5 stock, lowered on stock bolts and then again on c6 bolts.
The "Wheels" link in post #9 takes you to the pictures Togue took. It's funny how the stock height makes the car look ready to go off road.
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