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Feb 6, 2011
1980 l48
new guy
im 21, and i got my first vette in the summer of 2010. im from parksville BC vancouver island

its a 1980 l48 that was restored to almost bone stock by the previous owner. only the wheels and paint were changed, the rest was rebuilt using stock parts. i bought the car intending to leave it stock and just drive it. im doing a full restoration on a 1980 z28, so i picked the cleanest car i could find.

well, i couldn't leave it alone. the second day of owning it i tore the motor apart to give it some more power.

pic is about a week after owning it, looks terrible. stock bottom end, dart pro 1 heads, solid lifter comp cam, eddy rpm intake, and a 650 holley.

the aluminum head 350 was fun for awile, but plans changed. the 350 from the vette will be a temporary motor for the z28, the vette is getting more power.

the block just before i sent it to the machine shop..... thats no small block:D hoping to have it in by summer time. need to save for some aluminum heads
these valve covers came with the 454, they should be cool in the vette.

inside the car.

plans are black sidepipes and diffrent wheels soon. i hate the wheels that are on it
classy looking car. I never got over those 140km/hr speedos though :D seems like something should be in a civic. lol

welcome to the site and keep us posted!!
Just a thought. You could refinish the centers ofthose wheels in satin black and they would probably look pretty nice on that car.
hey, guys.

decided to hold off on doing the bbc swap for now. decided to just pretty up the car and enjoy it.

here are some pics i took this weekend.


sure wish i had a better camera :p
Duals with side pipes. You're a lucky man to be living on the Island. I purchased my second '80 Vette from a guy in Victoria. It had duals running to the back. The car needs a frame-off restoration which is why I bought it. I'm presently rebuilding the suspension. When it comes time to install the exhaust, I'll have to put the catalytic converter back in so I can get it through Air Care here on the Mainland.
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