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Nov 14, 2023
Hi everyone, I joined a few days ago and thought I posted a thread with the following….
This past July I bought my 07 convertible.
It has a Z06 Widebody rear end but stock front fenders. (Previous owner)
I was uneducated when I bought and did NOT realize the rear required 2” (50.8mm) spacers because the wheel offset is stock #’s +79. I know I need a +59 like the Z06 as I have researched to all ends of the Corvette world. I either spend $ on custom wheels as I cannot find anyone with the offsets I need for a wide rear and a stock front- or, I buy the widebody front fenders and bumper. It’s a dilemma.
Does anyone know where/who I should go or ask about the front fender purchase/install. I know I need the fenders and bumper but have read the inner liners need to be bought along with possibly changing the brakes! Ugh
I don’t know where to begin so any help will be very appreciated. He is a pic! Thanks in advance


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@Gerry lots of questions that intertwine to come up with some conclusions. Nice looking car and if I can offer a bit of a suggestion is once spring rolls around get out and enjoy your new ride. These cars are an ongoing build, not everything needs to be accomplished the same day. Get out, meet some other owners and ask for suggestions.

I think I would talk to one of the major wheel manufacturers, not a retail reseller at this point. I bought CCW wheels for my C5Z from them, asked many questions, received much advice. Tell them your hopes for the car and with luck their expertise will lead you in the right direction for wheels and perhaps body parts. If they help you support their efforts with a purchase. I believe I have seen widened C6 front fenders without having to change the bumper. Inner wheel wells I would think are a must.

I have seen a number of C5's with the wide body kits on the rear only and like the look. I am aware that widen front fenders are available as well. Well, these cars are getting along in age there are still manufactures designing and making parts for our generations of Corvettes.

Good luck, take your time and continue to research the parts catalogue. Part of the fun! :thumbs:
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