We were to Kingston on Friday with our 2005 and then down to Brighton today. It might sound like BS to some but these are the numbers. Just about all highway, 70-75 mph on 401 and it all averaged out to 34.97 mpg. That's taking mileage from the odometer and litres from the gas pump slip. We're happy. It's at least 2 1/2 times better than our old 4.10 geared L78 Chevelle. Are we saving any money? No, we just drive 2 1/2 times as much as we used to. :D
I average 10 liters per 100 kilometers..... That's about 24 mile to the gal

That's similar to mine Brian......but don't short change yourself there: If you're going 100 klicks on 10 liters you're getting about 28 mpg's (Imperial) -- Pretty dang good.

Mine will go into the 30's if I'm real careful --... The gearing on the 6 speed auto bring the rpm's down to about 1400 @ 100 kph for real thrift.

Terry's '06 'vert has even lower gearing and tachs about 1300 @ 100 kph -- we actually got closer to 40 mpg's Imperial on our trip to Bowling Green last September. Pretty phenominal for having that kind of performance available.


Here's a link to a handy dandy conversion chart. I find it useful and quick:

Unit Conversions
Wow that's some pretty good numbers you guys are getting

Don't forget that they each have one or two overdrive gears and modern electronics. :)

I get about 18 - 20 mpg on the highway with my '75 with the THM400 auto and a 3.08 rear end. Pretty good I figure for what it is. I drove from Owen Sound to Stratford and back recently (about 200 miles) and it cost me about $70 for 50 litres of premium.
We went 337 miles today, mostly highway. 34.4 mpg. If I can just ease up to speed on the on ramps, I might just break 35 mpg. Three hundred plus miles without getting onto it just a little is probably dreaming. :D
last weekend I made a 120km trip from Toronto to Waterloo, ON at one point I got it down to 8.5L/100km but ran into heavy traffic right before the on ramp from 401 to Hwy 8 where I was crawling inches at a time for the last km before the ramp. By the end of the trip I had averaged 9L/100km
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