Nov 20, 2011
1993 40th Ani
hey guys!

what type of engine oil do you guys use on your c4 vets? mine is a 93, and ive heard different stories of what type of oil to use. anythign special you guys use, or do you ever consider taking it to chevy
I think motor oil is an area where people have a whole bunch of different opinions from what they've heard over the years. Honestly, motor oil is motor oil. The stuff at Wal-Mart meets the same specs as Castrol. Just as long as you use the correct weight and type, change it on time and keep it topped up you should be fine.

For what I use? I've used Quaker State in all my vehicles but Mobil 1 in the Corvette as that is what came from the factory with the Corvette. I only used Quaker State because my dad did. From what I've heard but not researched myself is that Penzoil is makes a great synthetic so I would look at using that and asking people while trying to do some research so you know why you use what you use first hand. Best of luck with the search and let us know if you do do a search and what you find!
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