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Aug 25, 2023
I found this on a forum on the web. I keep having to replace my hazard switch for the brake lights and turn signals are failing because of this. It seems like a great solution to my problem. Has anyone in this forum performed this bypass? Thoughts?

Hey Widetrack, you've actually figured out what is wrong with your car without knowing it. The Punisher has given you one option to fix the problem and here is why that will solve the issue.

The turn signals are wired through the hazard switch. Your hazard switch's contacts have become dirty and thus when you use the turn signals, sometimes they don't work. By pressing the hazard switch, you temporarily clean the contacts on the hazard switch and complete the turn signal circuit which causes them to work for a bit. Of course they will soon stop working and you'll have to repeat the process over. This is a well documented problem with the C5.

Replacing the hazard switch is a little bit of work and the hazard switch contacts will eventually get dirty again one day. A more permanent fix is to purchase the hyperflash or bypass cable. This will bypass the hazard switch in the turn signal circuit and solve the problem for good. If you ever decide to change your tail lights to LED's, this cable will also be needed because LED's do not produce the wattage of stock lights and confuse the computer into thinking that there is a blown bulb which makes the tail lights hyperflash (flash at a very rapid pace). Thus, this cable is insurance for the future and will solve your issue at hand.
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