They said on the news this morning that he is still in critical condition. Not sure Bobby Allison came through unscathed, I don't think he was ever the same again. He was lucky to have survived the accident in the first place.

These head injuries are so complicated. Mark Donohue, my hero, did not survive his accident and subsequent head injury at the Austrian Grand Prix in 1975 although he seemed fine right after the accident.

Hopefully Schumacher will recover and get back to normal. This is at least the second major head injury he has suffered. He crashed a superbike a couple of years ago and end up with severe damage.
Doug you are right about Bobby, he did indeed make a amazing recovery. His accident was a brutal one that as you say only a fighter could have survived. Even with the trauma he suffered he still refused to give up.

The Allison family paid a heavy price for their involvement in motorsports with the loss of Cliff and Davey.

Again, my thoughts are with Schumacher.
While a late comer to F1, I started watching it rabidly after seeing the South African GP in 1983 when I became a Nelson Piquet fan. I enjoyed that sport for a long time, through two more WDC and was happy enough to be able to go to the Canadian GP in 1988 although the year after Piquet's 3 WDC and his 1st eyar with Lotus which was not a banner year.

After he retired as expected he took a stab at CART racing and I was scared when he had such a hard crash in qualifying for the Indy 500 and severely damaged both his legs.

For whatever reason I then took up the banner of being a Schumi fan through his Ferrari years and also really pulled for him when he returned to Mercedes.

It was a shock to hear that he was so badly hurt from the skiing accident and that to date not much positive news yet from the hospital. But he's in my morning prayers daily that he'll pull through. A driver of a rare calibre and certainly made my enjoyment of the F1 sport so much fun again after Piquet retired.


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From German newspaper Bild

"reports today that the doctors "have hope that he is no longer in acute danger" but they mention that he can still have setbacks. They also claim that twice last week, Monday evening and on Friday, it looked like Schumi would "lose the battle for his life". They say his brain scan on Friday was "catastrophic" but there had been an improvement over the weekend and he was responding well to a new treatment method."

Hoping for a miracle.
Man he's a fighter ..... I wish him well -- prayers are for him.


I second that Colin. He's one of my favourite F1 drivers of all time. A tragic event regardless.

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I couldn't believe this when I was first told! Haven't heard anything in a while or from the internet. Any updates? I couldn't help but notice that it was Ferrari fans supporting him and not Merc? The passion lives on with the Tifosi!
Update from BBC

Hopefully good news.

BBC News - Schumacher's sedation 'reduced'

Schumacher's sedation 'reduced'
Breaking news
Michael Schumacher's sedation is being reduced to allow the "waking up process" to start, his manager says.

Bringing the Formula 1 legend out of his coma could take a long time, Sabine Kehm said in a statement.

Schumacher suffered a severe head injury in a skiing accident in the French Alps on 29 December.

He was put into a medically induced coma by his doctors at a clinic in Grenoble after operations to remove blood clots from his brain.

Doctors have kept him asleep to help reduce the swelling.

Ms Kehm was approached by the media for comment on the German's condition on Wednesday - exactly a month after his crash. She said his condition remained "stable".

In her statement on Thursday, she said it had been agreed to communicate details of his sedation "only once this process was consolidated".

The statement again included an appeal by Schumacher's family for privacy for them and for his doctors, while

Fingers crossed that this will have a happy ending.

If it works perhaps they can try it on Bernie.
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