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Sep 1, 2010
2007 corvette
Not too sure what to say Dwayne, but that sucks. Sorry to hear about this. Now kick this Hodgkin's butt! To help you out, I started phoning all the Hodgkins in the phone book and told them to leave you alone.

I'll see if I can hunt down some Downtown Pictures. Mike forgot his camera and I forgot my phone. Things happen when you don't normally get up at 5am on a Sunday.

See you out when you can make it on a Thursday!

Thanks alot for knocking me down on this sight. Im different because i got a dangerous driving. Go buy a pinto. I can't stand jealous people. Z06 rules. Just because my vette is nicer you have to run down others who are doing better than you. Your nice to my face and soon as i turn my back you stab me. How many other vette guys do you do this to.
Hi guys it's Taylor. I finally got my drivers license back for the dangerous driving charge from last year. I didn't drive the whole time like Riley P said i would do. He said knock on wood for me not to join this site. What's up with the rude comment. I can't stand jealous people. Thanks Riley for being nice to my face and as soon as i turn my back you have to tell everyone else im different. Different in what way. I have a Z06 and you don't. I guess that's the only explanation i could think of. Oh and my comment to 650am. Read it again. It says local racetrack is where my racing days will be for now on. The radio guy also asked me if i had any plans for it. I said i was supercharging it. I don't see anything wrong with that unless you personally do. It's no different than me asking you if you have any plans for yours. You know the best guy out of all the guys i met was George. His Z06 is way faster than mine and we became best friends and still are. At least i can feel good about myself that im not a jealous person and hope the best for everyone just like i hope the best for you.
Well Taylor, I must say that I am impressed that you did not drive while your license was suspended.

As for the knock on wood comment, that was in response to what happened and the fact that we discourage street racing on this forum and you were street racing at the time so if you would joined, you would most likely want to talk about your racing on the street and we can't have that. However, now you have taken your racing to the track so that is great!

Not sure about why you are making comments about the Z06 or my car.

PS, I moved your posts because they didn't have anything to do with the last thread and they would be better here.
Yeesh, ego issues..."mine's a Z06 and yours isn't"...my dad could beat up your dad...I could kill someone while street racing faster than you could by enjoying cruise nights...

In the quoted post I didn't see you or your situation mentioned anywhere. Maybe take the supercharger money and put it towards therapy.
#1 Where is the original posting for all this? I want to read the whole thing before I pass judgment.

#2 Where did jelousy come from? If Riley had a ZR1 do you think he would act or say anything differently? Would you be jelous of him? We are all vette owners, year, options, color don't matter. We are on this site to share our love for corvettes.

If I recall this goes back to the posting regarding a newspaper article and related interview or something about a guy that got busted for street racing. Riley at that time said he knew who the guy was and I think all pretty much agreed that street racing in general is retarded.

I think we've been now introduced LOL. Can I get a HELLOO!!! :rofl:
Oh by they way.... I also have a Z06... They're not so special that I think they garner jealousy from anyone!!! I'll bet that Manny or Greg's cars are way nicer than mine! That was just a totally inappropriate comment all together.
I did, fool. Z06's are for pozers. What you got, 400 horsepower? Probably don't know the first thing to do with it. Word.


^^ :rofl:
So ya want play with the big dawgs eh Pinto boy ...........bring it :rofl:

Just a small note here folks . We all have nice vette's here, what we do to our vette's is to make them look how we like , nobody really care's if or who has a better looking one or even faster for that matter......although I think mine is the fastest :rofl:

Lets play nice here folks
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Very true.

Just to let everyone know, the quote did not necessarily reflect where I said what I did. I am still trying to find that thread so I can answer Taylor properly. Taylor did make a very good point and caught me saying stuff on a forum when I would not say it to his face. Thank you very much Taylor for pointing this out. Those things are between me and him and I'm not putting that stuff up here. I will be PMing him so that he knows better where I am coming from.

PS. That is one sweet Pinto! Now lets just see it take a corner.:D
True Manny :). That's I suppose better put than my version LOL

Truth be known, I didn't even care if the car was or wasn't a Z06 when I bought it... It was a great value for the $$$ and I liked the car!! I wouldn't mind having a bigger trunk...

Wait a minute... What was I saying!!! Oh no, must have been a moment of inexcusable practicality!! That's it, supercharger and nitrous are going on next week!!!

Hi everyone. I and Riley P have everything sorted out now. I am a lover of corvettes. Everything i do is all about corvettes. One thing about me is i'll tell yah to your face if i have an issue with you. We should keep are comments to ourselves and be there for other corvette guys. Hey i did last year get a dangerous driving for racing my corvette on Taylor at 10:30 at night against another corvette Z06. The guy was 47 years old and just bought his and wanted to compare the 2. My c5 against his c6 Z06. I asked him to go outa town but he was to busy so i said just do a 3 gear race and shut it down. Unfortunetly i passed a cop at 180kmh. I got slapped hard and he didn't. lesson learnt. You know i never got a ticket after that for a whole year until court came up. I finally can drive again and am just a corvette cruiser now. I decided to buy a body kit for it and go all looks now instead of speed. Im glad i got this punishment because i never seen how everyone else seen it as you could kill someone. To me it is like a drug. A rush. Everyone in life has a drug and min e was speed. Im cured after all the costly expenses it has caused me and to walk for the last 4 months hasn't been easy. Please comment.
Hey Z06 Eatr nice Pinto. Now all you need is the black pants to suit your car. Oh and i don't know the first thing to do with it hey. You shouldn't talk. Who do you think you are. Knight rider. lolololol. I'd show yah how to drive that pinto but i think my ego would go down the crapper if someone i knew saw me in it. Word. Oh and what's up with the word word. I prefer bitch,bitch.
rebuilt engines
Thanks alot for knocking me down on this sight. Im different because i got a dangerous driving. Go buy a pinto. I can't stand jealous people. Z06 engines rule. Just because my vette is nicer you have to run down others who are doing better than you. Your nice to my face and soon as i turn my back you stab me. How many other vette guys do you do this to.

I think there many of them. They are just insecure with you. Don't mind them man! :D
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