Maybe. The Z06's are an aluminum frame which shaves off some weight. I think that it is actually a blend of aluminum and magnesium. Correct me if I'm wrong. It would be great to use in the base and Grand Sports though.

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Beyond the article, I really don't know anything about the alloy content or the process. It sounds they heat the sheet metal so that it will go through the draw die without cracking and splitting. Magnesium in itself is rather brittle. I remember them running aluminum trunk lids on Pontiac 6000s for a while but Indianapolis stamping couldn't get the quality under control and they eventually went back to steel. I kind of doubt that GM would let the cat out of the bag unless they already had a process that works and all their patent ducks in a row. I could be worth a lot of money to them. I've always been curious about how much GM makes on their patent royalties. I would think it would be considerable.
Do we not already have balsa wood sandwiched into the floor of some of our newer Corvettes? Am I getting paranoid or are the woodpeckers around here taking more than a passing interest in our car? :confused: ;)
If they can get the cost of carbon fibre down, it may become more popular. It is definitely light and strong.

I totally agree. They already use it for sections of the ZR1, So why not other vehicles? The auto market is certainly dictating MPG's, so why not incorporate it in the shell of midsize or even compact cars to make them lighter but still maintain the strength needed for impacts. i lighter car would not only be faster(more spirited to drive), but more efficient as well since the motor isn't pushing as much weight.
Maybe they could also put North America on a diet plan to help people lose weight! I know I'm a good 40 lb over what I should be......and just to think that my car has to haul my extra ass around..... being fat is costing me fuel and making my car slower!
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