Mar 18, 2013
sherwood park alberta
2004 z06
hi everyone i was wondering if anybody knew a good place to take my 04 z06 to get my headers and exhaust put on. i live in sherwoodpark right by edmonton i also have a vararam intake to put on if anybody knows a place the info would be greatly appriecated
Welcome to the forum Alstom! I believe HLN A55 recommends HorsePower Solutions. Send him a PM to verify.

Neil at HP S is great to deal with. He has tuned some Z06's and has a 8 second drag car so knows his stuff.

Hey man.

Pm me if you're still looking. Was nice meeting you in Ponoka last week. Too bad I had to leave so soon!

Going cruising on the weekend? I might go hit the timmie's on gateway near the cook county saloon to go car-watching on Saturday night (weather permitting).

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