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Nov 17, 2011
British Columbia
2000 C5 Coupe
I was looking at how I could put in a 2 Din touch screen and it looks like I need a whole new panel for the radio console area if that makes sense :p The price some of these sites were posting for were close to $400 for a piece of plastic. Was quite surprised, But i guess its for a corvette so of course it goes up in price.

Anyways just wondering if anyone has one or knows a cheap place to get one at? or even make one! :p I'm in British Columbia if that helps.
These pieces can be made from your current bezel but would probably cost more than just buying the piece you require. This is an expensive mod but it's not just because you're driving a corvette. This modification takes a lot of time to the complete.
ahh okay HLN, thanks. I know I was just a smart ass. My second vehicle so kinda a huge step for me.

Thanks Mark, looks like an amazing site. Lots to keep me looking forward to that's for sure.
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