Been to all of them Mark, Vegas, Hoover Dam is amazing if you can still drive over it they
are in the process of finishing the upper bridge (prevent terror attacks).
You can go on Route 66 on the way to the Grand Canyon, some nice small towns.

When you in Vegas hit the new City Center should be open now, they where putting the
finishing touches last fall when we where there it looks amazing.
Also try the Venetian Gondola ride through the mall, very nice with a artifical sky above to boot.
Also try to take in the water fountain show at night in front of the Bellagio hotel, the top of every
hour I think its very nice.

Where are you staying, I have been in the Bellagio, Luxor and the Palazzo.
Stay away from the Bunny ranch if you can...

In vegas it really does not matter where you stay... just make sure you don't s**t where you sleep =)

Last time I was in Vegas I was in my room for a total of 4-5 hours... I received a free room at the RIO so we took that.

Main thing in Vegas is not to burn yourself out early. Vegas really doesn't wake up until after midnight.

Don't pay for any clubs... play the tables a bit and ask the dealer what people do for fun in vegas.... he can get you tickets comped easily. Same goes for all shows.

Don't blow your wad the first night.... unless you go to the bunny ranch lol. Its VERY easy to blow 5 figures in a weekend there. Especially if your stupid and decide to drink/gamble/party for 32 hours straight then decide your going to win your money back..

If its your first time in vegas don't sit in one casino all week/weekend. Visit old vegas, walk the strip, take the busses everywhere.

Make sure to visit Jimmy Buffett's... ask for the ultimate martini.... see if you can beat my personal record of 7 (and still walk back to the room). (20-25 bucks a drink but 100% worth it). The women in that place get crazy.
If you want to see a show, buy yours tickets from Half price tickets or the other ticket vendor on the strip. Just stop by the sales vendor and find a show on the board for much less then buying from the hotel box office.
As I remember, Carrot Top was very funny...
What a deal! You can go into the M&M store, get a whole bunch of candy to eat while you wait in line for cheap tickets!

I would suggest taking a night to just walk the strip and watch all the shows that the hotels put on such as the fountains at the Bellagio (as mentioned) which were on every 15 mins when I was there. There is also quite a show at Treasure Island where they sink a pirate ship. It's sort of a musical which the ladies like but the chicks are hot which makes it worth going if you're a guy. There are signs on the sidewalk that let you know what time it's on at. There is the Ferrari/Maserati/Etc dealership in the Wynn Hotel where you can see cars such as an Enzo, read it's background and what it is worth. I never made it to that one, but the Barrett Jackson auction was on so I got my fill of cars.
Thanks for the info guys.
We are not gamblers so not much fear of loosing too much $$$.
We are staying at the Polo Towers. It's a time share directly across from the Monte Carlo.
Counting the days, Sounds like we are going to have a blast.:canada:
oh... and thanks... I forgot the dollar was at almost par. An increase of 10% in the dollar just increased the expenditure by 200%...

Where's our accountant friend? Can you figure out how this works??
oh... and thanks... I forgot the dollar was at almost par. An increase of 10% in the dollar just increased the expenditure by 200%...

Where's our accountant friend? Can you figure out how this works??

GAAP and IFRS do not apply when it comes to Casinos and wives. There are no clear or mandatory reporting standards for internal reporting... ie the wife.

Money available to wife = sunk cost.

Stolen from Wiki

In economics and business decision-making, sunk costs are retrospective (past) costs that have already been incurred and cannot be recovered. (IE. You just lost your ass at the tables or gave your wife your credit card)

Evidence from Behavioral economics suggests this theory fails to predict real-world behavior. Sunk costs greatly affect actors' decisions, because humans are inherently loss-averse and thus normally act irrationally when making economic decisions. (I felt pretty loss-averse after getting my stones kicked into my throat at the tables.)

Went to Vegas with the wife.... first night I won fairly big (at least for me) about 5k. Worst thing I ever did was tell my wife. I will never make that mistake again.

I've never seen a woman put so much stuff on hold so fast. I didn't mind I figured I was up... there was NO WAY I was going to give it all back right? hahaha.

Next day stuff still on hold... some designer jewelery maybe 2k and a 500 dollar shirt she NEEDED.... I didn't mind I felt like king of the world... I decided to hit a few tables on the way.... also a big mistake... by the time i bought the stuff I was in the hole... I couldn't tell the wife I lost it... so I still had to buy the stuff on hold and play it cool... I felt my testicles suck up into my stomach that time.

I won't even get started with day three of the trip....

Only thing you need to know in Vegas when its all said in done is....

You broke even...
You willl have a blast, I have been there a few times..And rented a vette on the strip the past 2 times...Was awesome, went and tore it up in the mountains doing (the speed limit) :D......head off the strip and head for the mountains you cant miss scenery is awesome with the top down.....The place I rented the vette is close to where you are at.....5 minute walk if that from your hotel on the strip...Here is the place : Dream Car the name they have a web site....I paid about $220 U.S. for the day and then taxes..Your allowed 100 miles free on the car, after that its I think its 10 cents a mile if I can remember. I rented a vert C6 last January and I was hooked :D...fianlly!! picked up a C6 this past summer......Check out the Wynn Hotel....dam nice!!...there is a patio out back over looking a huge waterfall..sweet
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