They have not been out to a Thursday meet yet. I ran across this car at a place that is closed down now (GS Performance?). I never spoke with the owner but someone came out to talk. The turbos were going to be installed with the car claiming to be making 660 rwhp by the end of the install. Apparently more work was done at Performance Plus!!!

Still not sure about Performance Plus. They do a lot of work on Mustangs and not much on the Vettes. Most of the cars I have seen coming out of Performance Plus seem to try to replicate the look of the Fast and Furious cars, which is cool I guess, but I would like to see reliable builds on Vettes before I am comfortable going there.
Well, I wonder where these rumors come from? The Speed Tech guys? :D

From what I have seen. I am not impressed enough to want to go through them. Once I have a garage and lift, mostly everything will be done at home anyway. Anything requiring tuning, if not major, will go to Russ K in Regina. I trust him with my Corvette. Anything super major, if I could ever go that route, will go to Manny.
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