Good evening Colin, Justin,

I appreciate your concern for me! I mean a sad day for any car to end up like this but when it is a yellow one as well, sort of just takes the wind of of my sails to see one come to this end.

I wonder what led to the car being in this state? It seems to be a residental area after all.

Maybe if I took off my glasses it wouldn't look as bad? As long as I didn't squint?!! Maybe at night time it wouldn't seem as bad? Surrounded by dry ice?


what is it with yellow? both my son's have yellow! todd's is an 01 z06 and ryan's is an -6 z06. I blame Garry! lol. todd's is modded with heads cam headers tune. runs 11.40's at SIR. he's the only one of us to hit the track so far.
Good afternoon Gentlemen,

Wow, I'm living the dream! Getting the credit (blame) for others having the taste to buy yellow cars. Now that is a label that I would be most proud to wear. Anything I can do to help others that are still in the closet about their love for things yellow to escape teh herd and to be proud of their taste.

FYI. I have two pairs of yellow pants and 23 yellow shirts, t-shirts, exercise tops. But only two jackets oddly. Seems harder to come by. Probably 5 yellow hats as well.

Don't feel too badly about not being Velocity Yellow Brian, I still think your car looks better than any other non-yellow color. And I can also say what a sharpie it is to see in person too!!

No sign of my Z06 yet, no word on where it is, waiting is getting harder with no farming to distract me and the weather being so great here right now.............


Garry - give Dave (lead mechanic) a shout -- they do have a toll free # so no charges.....he should know where the Z is and when it went out.
Sure hope you get it soon.
Good afternoon Colin,

A good suggestion, I wish I would have gotten it earlier but it is 4:30 my time and 6:30 your time and on a long weekend I can't imagine that anyone is at the shop! But maybe Tuesday when things are back to normal.

I went for a run on the dike in Peace River this afternoon, 30 above so what else can I do waiting for the fields to dry so I can finish spraying.


On the way in I met a C3 in yellow.......the sort of thing I hope for when I'm in my car!!

But it was a super run, I was dripping when I was done but it sure felt good and swept a lot of the cobwebs out of my mind that had been there since this morning.

Have a super Canada Day long weekend everyone!


Good evening Riley,

You'd think that things would be dry not wouldn't you. So I headed out and sprayed teh three final wheat fields and it did not go too badly, a few wet spots but it was do-able. So back home, rinse out and prepare to do the final three canola fields - 1st pass anyway. I thought I'd take a break so asked dad to move the sprayer to the next field and the water truck to the final two fields out west. Two hours later I went to do the 1st canola field. Well in the 35 or so years we've owned this field I can't remeber it ever being so wet. Going around the 1st corner I started to sink down about 8 to 12" into the ground and was lucky that when i could no longer go forward I was able to back out in my tracks. Thereafter it was a case of dodging area after area of standing water and after two rounds around the field I decided to give it up. No point in getting stuck or worse damaging the hydrostatic drive system of the sprayer. So I'm not even sure if I'll be able to go tomorrow or if I should maybe move west and try those two fields instead.

Yes, no doubt this would have been super weather to be cruising in a SC'ed Z06.

Thnakfully frozen berries were on 1/2 price so while it is sweltering in my house I have a bowl full of these that I am eating and boy to they taste great!

So you were out and about without AC recently?? Yikes!

But still trying to push forward to clearing things off my plate so that if I get the call this week I am Edmonton bound............


Oh the A/C works in my car, it's just with the foam pad that fell into the fins, I couldn't put the fan above level 3 of 8 without vibrating the dash. Now I can blow that nice cold air at full steam and not shake my dash apart!

8" to 12" ruts!? Yikes!!! I can't believe how wet it has been the past couple years. Best of luck with the spraying! Get er all done before your car shows up!!!
That is what I keep hoping for Riley, to clear my plate before the car arrives and to enjoy a few days with the car with nothing to distract me. It is just proving to b e more of a struggle. Of course if I had not takebn on the custom spraying it would be easier right now too but I'm sure when the invoice gets paid I'll be feeling happy enough!

I sure could use your AC in my house right now. 6:30 in the morning and already 24 above. Oh well, good for the crops and I'll get through it. Considering going to PR to run with the club but it will be a dripper...........


Good afternoon,

YES! Manny called and left a message and apparently the train is in Edmonton and it will be unloaded either today or tomorrow so I could be picked up tomorrow!!

Of course my parents just left this morning for a trip to Edmonton - but I had two fields left to spray so I don't think I could have gone with them. But I'm just letting this sink in and thinking about maybe going tomorrow.

I also have pet feeding duties at my parents farm too - two dogs and four cats and honestly I'm not sure when they are due back from their trip.

It would be cool to spend the weekend in Edmonton, my son won't be back until next week so that would schedule out.

Now the hard decision - get someone to go with me, take the bus (yuk) or take my ex-RCMP truck and buy a tilt trailer and bring it back on that. After some cruising in Edmonton of course!


Good evening Colin,

Yes, I can almost touch it from here.

Here's question though, I was going to go with a tilt trailer to move it and now people are suggestion a regular car hauler with a dovetail instead........slightly less expensive. My only real criteria is which will be easier to load the car onto.........

Of course I am also now struggling with the truth if I need it at all. Would I really be better to trailer it from Edmonton and to and from the autocrosses in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John (200 km one way) or should I just drive the car instead? I still have to get a regular trailer to haul seed and my small mower tractor to plots and it was a thought to invest a bit more and get a trailer capable of moving the car as well.

What do you think??


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