Aug 26, 2021
Corvette 2023 C8 Z51

Am safely back home in Mtl, the drive back from ON was good for the most part, got to try out the slightly lowered car on collars and it was fantastic, the MRC absorbed everything, and my largest speed bump back home was easily handled by the front lift (what an awesome option).

Morgan Crosbie was just a gentleman from the start, and even drove out half way to Mtl to meet me to pickup all of the aftermarket parts to mount at the dealer. Most dealers would (most likely) not accept mounting aftermarket parts that are not OEM GM, but Morgan and Finch were more than willing to help me customize this beautiful build. This was months and years of planning and speaking with aftermarket companies to get the right look and parts availability, and among the many shoutouts, I have to give a big one to AMT Customs for really coming thru for this build in the 11th hour and painting and shipping parts out in record time.

This build is special in a few ways, it was our 22 year wedding anniversary this weekend (typically on Grand Prix weekend), and the wife and I love cars (we met because of my JDM car 2 decades ago and celebrate our love during GP every year). On top of that of course this year's Grand Prix weekend is coming up this week, and our son's HS grad too same weekend, so we wanted to have this build ready for all of those special reasons, to showcase it and enjoy it.

I will be putting together a really cool video montage, and took the opportunity to mount my suction cup selfie stick rig to the car to get some 360 footage while in ON (think low driving angles and a rear GTA gaming type view). Also brought the drone to get some aerial footage at the dealer. Rest of the filming will happen (hopefully) this weekend here in Mtl, and may incorporate some downtown footage while cruising with the car for GP weekend.

In the meantime, I leave you with Morgan's coverage of the build (can jump to the 16:00 mark to see it), I realize this is not a look for everyone (what's one man's trash is another man's treasure), it was built to be loud and a show car for car shows too (my son calls me an attention w**** so I guess good fit there too).

Finally, allow me to say that it has been one hell of a ride getting to know many of the veteran forum members on here, you have kept me sane and made me even more passionate for this car (coming from the JDM world so that is a big statement). Loved meeting a couple of you in person, and had a great chat with someone on Sunday (over the phone), TO traffic killed our planned in-person meet up. Our chat allowed me to move him out of the "maybe a very remote aquaintance depending on the time of day" to "really cool car buddy" !! Keep doing what you do bud !!!

Wow, that's some build. Quite the adventure too. Glad you got the PPF, It's something I recommend to everyone from La Belle Province...
had your voice in my head Jack, don’t do it, it’s a scam, conspiracy theory, you’re feeding big corporate. Almost brought 2 large Costco rolls of Saran Wrap to do the PPF myself to save myself an earful later :)
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