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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
Is there any way to Reduce a New 2015 StingRay from MSRP on Order?

Reading how common it is for the US to get $3500 reduction on pricing, to include other stackable discounts such as Military, is very frustrating. Not only do we still pay a bump as Canadians, not to mention the amazing shipping levy that would be eliminated if we were entitled to Museum delivery and went ourselves, but the common thread is that if you want to configure one is MSRP pricing all the way when pricing is available.

The ONLY entitlement is $750 off for Military past and present which I havent mentioned to my dealer yet, as I am on the list to order a 2015 once allocation and pricing appears for NW.

Is there anyone here who can suggest ways to get a discount on a new 2015 Stingray???
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And it is a stunning car, especially with your personal touch added. Unfortunately, I don't know that we can follow that route as we want to configure....
I configured/ordered the exact car I wanted when the dealer agreed to the discount. GM required them to meet an order phase deadline or lose the allocation. Dealer had to have a confirmed buyer and couldn't order for stock.
Hi AllFlash,

Since you are placing an order now I am guessing you will get your vehicle by Spring 2015.

What I would suggest is to go to the Toronto AutoShow in Feb 2015 and visit the GM booth. You can register on their kiosk there which entitles you to an additional $ 500 discount on any GM vehicle. If it follows the trend from the last two years then it should be valid till sometime in May 2015 and Corvettes are not excluded.

Also there is a Student discount available so if anyone in the same household qualifies for a student discount then you can add them to the purchase agreement to get that discount. I think its $ 750. But the ownership must have the students names on it.

Canadian Forces Discount is $ 500 I think but I could be wrong -- maybe $ 750?

Additionally there is also an elusive voucher that keeps appearing online on from time to time. This online voucher entitles you to an additional $500, $1000 or $1500 and this also does not exclude Corvettes but delivery has to be by the deadline on the voucher which is latest by sometime in September 2014.

Some people also have GM Visa points which can be used as cash towards your purchase. I think Corvettes are eligible for this as well so if you have GM visa points ask your dealer about these. Or if you have an immediate family member who has them then they can transfer them to you as well. some conditions apply.

As far as I know these discounts are all stackable.

Goodluck! and PM me if I can answer any specific questions.
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I am right now so regretting not sticking with you when we first spoke Ojamali. Thank you very much for those tips. You are a good man thank you and anybody who gets a line on this elusive coupon... plus let me know.
today @ 9am Wilson Niblett has 3 base cars on the lot...2 coupes/1 vert
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I have been trying for that offer all last night....must have refreshed a mil times with no luck. Are you saying they have 15's on the lot? WN is where I am apparently in line....for the 15.
Ya I was pretty sure of that as I had heard that prod hasnet even started yet but...who knows what can happen right. After all there are models that have been out for shows. Damn still cant get that sticker though... That means free NAV and PDR with my military credit. Actually let me make this real easy for anyone fortunate enough to get one of these yet not want it.

Use my email at Les (AT) thessdreview (DOT) com.... eheheh I would truly appreciate it as it would be a waste not to take advantage since I am all in on this! I get email instantly if anyone needs any other info!
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Last night, (after reading this thread), I went to the GM site, and applied for (and got)
a $1000 voucher.....
and it does say "..... towards the purchase of an eligible new 2014 or 2015 Chevrolet".

I'll take it to my dealer, and see what they say.

I'll bet the Corvette is NOT one of the "eligible" models.

I can confirm that this Voucher is compatible with 2014 and 2015 Corvettes as long as you take delivery before it expires. As far as I know it is transferrable to family members within the same household.

BTW this online voucher program started in mid June and will go uptil end of August I think.

I went over the Program details again and there is nothing on there that says that 2014 or 2015 Corvettes are excluded or incompatible.

Its possible that the dealer doesn't know about it or is assuming that its ineligible without looking into it. Many people didn't think Corvettes qualify for student discount either but it does.

You should call GM Canada to confirm that it is eligible and then tell the dealer to apply it. We accepted a $ 500 voucher for a Corvette delivery last month. 1-800-GM-DRIVE (1-800-463-7483) or go to and do a live chat.

Best of Luck!
Thanks all... so I received the coupon last night from someone who was at a display in Port Dover last week... Thank you very much!!!! Not much of a coupon... I figured there would be some information that would keep it from simply being passed around. I sent email into GM last night confirming its use with Corvettes and have also asked if there is a way it can be applied to a Mar 2016 delivery .... just in case... we will see and I will post the response from GM. I still havent had one pop up for me yet though.

If anyone gets a heads up on ANY other expected events where the car will be on display in Ontario...please advise! The wife got to sit in one at the Boots and Hearts concert and emailed me the pik just to rub it in...
Owais, thanks for the information.
I did "chat" with a GM person, and she did confirm that she could find no
restrictions on this particular incentive regarding Corvette.
She did also say that delivery had to be between June 11, 2014, and March 2, 2015.

I certainly hope my car comes before March.... sheeeesh... I ordered it March 7.
All I know is that it is at status 1100 - Preliminary Order Accepted.
I do have a copy of the order (GM OrderWORKBENCH).
Hi Ntmd8r,

Im glad you could confirm its eligibility towards the Corvette.

According to the program details the incentive runs from June 2014 till March 2015, however, not all vouchers are valid till March 2015. your vouchers expiry date would be listed on the voucher that was emailed to you. Usually its within 2 months of getting the voucher.

Best Regards!
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