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Jan 12, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask
I don't know about the rest of you but I only have a little more ice to melt from the road infront of my house and the vette will be cleared for take off!!

I will be taking it next week to get the new items put on it then she will be ready to go! Crossing my fingers this will be the last week at the Fox and Hounds!!

Well, I am trying to not get too excited. The alley behind my garage is a mess! My garage also flooded an inch on Saturday, as expected. Then at night the water froze creating a mini skating rink and it won't melt until May because the floor is cold and it takes a long time for the summer heat to get in there.
I did shovel a path on the lawn to get the Chevelle out however...
"I did shovel a path on the lawn to get the Chevelle out however..."

Ya, I got the Camaro out, but the garage door to get the vette out is frozen into the ground. The lambo's cleared for take-off though.....as soon as some more slop disapears!!
The car is out and about on wednesday , barely made it to the gas station as i left the tank real low as well. Can you believe it was $107.8 a litre for premium as well. ouch is all i had to say . Almost forgot the ride and feeling in it as well as the attention it gets . Someone must have had a bad day because as i drove past them on circle a guy in a newer monte carlo gave me the one finger salute . tough luck for him i say .
It was me who gave you the finger because my Vette is not out yet... I am kidding, it was not me nor I own a Monte Carlo.... but just like that guy: envy!!

I need to get the Vette out for a spin pronto!
I'm soooooo glad I didn't get my vette out today!!! I recieved a call thismorning in my office from the secretary, that someone had just run into my Camaro and drove away!!! The good news is that she knew who it was and I tracked them down. The story is that he was late for his flight to the NWT and was going to call me from the airport. He is willing to settle things come monday when he gets back. The bad news is he hit me so hard on the driver rear bumper that my driver door has popped open and won't shut properly, and the hatch is crooked and loose!!! Some people are just rude and have no guilt!! Now I have to drive home holding my door closed while trying to shift. .........should be fun!
Sorry guys..... i couldn't make it yet again!!!! *eye roll* wifey was in Regina and I was with the kids. The guys info didn't show up at work so I will let the police and sgi deal with it. I don't want to get screwed over trying to be a nice guy.
Screw my birthday. I prepped the way last night, and this morning (while everything was still frozen) I pulled it out to the driveway. After driving it down the back ally and the street to the driveway I got an itch. So I promptly (at 8:00) went to SGI and put the plate back on.......

Then I went for a drive, 20 mins or so. Running decent on the old gas, but stil needs a tune. Man this just made my spring complete. So thursday the 9th we can meet on 8th. WHOOOOOOO!!!

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