I had to go look at the video again, I missed that, thought the tire broke apart and wrapped around.
Your right Riley it actually went right through the bottom of the wheel well :eek:
There is some mass and weight there to cause some damage at high rpm it seems.
Just glad a chunk did not go flying in the crowd or someone could have been killed.
Isn't that nuts? I totally thought it wrapped around too until I saw that bit of the clip. You are totally right that easily could have hurt someone, or the driver. I'm surprised he didn't have to go out and change his shorts. I guess that is one of the dangers of doing a burnout with on open diff as you can over-speed the tire...not to mention the wear on your spider-gears.:ack:
Ok I don't think I will be buying that brand of tire :eek:
OR just don't lend your car to THAT guy!!! LOL brutal... at least it wasn't a vette this time and only a $500 car
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