Still enjoying my first one. When I want a change I just visit Daryl (pacekr) and enjoy one of his 4. :canada:
I am on my second. (1st)1990 Triple Black Vert. (2nd)2002 MagRed Coupe.
These cars are amazing. Every time you get in them you can't help but smile.:canada:
I'm on number 1.. when I want more I'll just add forced induction :) The amount that I'll end up driving it, it will be another 10 years before it even has 100,000k's on it
1st 74 Coupe disaster turned into parts car
2nd 73 coupe body to repair 1st (may still get built)
3rd 73 coupe doing body off on now

I've had a C2, C3 and a C5 - the C5 is by far the most awesome machine - the C3 was too friggin' hot inside (coulda solved that problem with side pipes), the C2 I should have never parted with - gobs of fun and no electrical devils to contend with!
I had a blue on blue '80 Vette which needed a frame, so I upgraded to a crazy ass sexy silver '80. :rofl:


My black 98 coupe is my second Corvette, my first one was a white 84, which I bought back in 1991. I only had that a few months though, I couldn't afford to fix all the problems it had in order to keep it as a daily driver.
As some of you know had my first in Feb 2008 2000 triple black convertible 6 speed. Then traded that for a 2002 coupe auto,hated the auto and now have a 2005 convertible 6 speed. My user name 3XVette know don't have alot of money just had some bad luck with these cars but am happy
I have had 1.5 Vettes. My first was owned by a friend who let me borrow it often enough. It was a blue 67 vert 4spd with a big block (I think it was a 457). The clutch on it was like dead-lifting 100kg! As you all know, my current mistress is my 06 C6 (with mods and all-dressed) :)
My first is my current 2000 FRC model. Other previously owned rides:

1997 WS6 Firebird TransAm
1980 Formula Firebird

Even when I owned the Firebirds, (which are great cars) there was always a little voice in my head that said "ya, but it's not a Corvette you know."
Even when I owned the Firebirds, (which are great cars) there was always a little voice in my head that said "ya, but it's not a Corvette you know."

I was the same way, in between my first Corvette and my current one, I owned three different Firebirds, a 95 Formula, a 95 Trans Am and a 98 Formula. They were all great cars, and I met a lot of great people in the f-body community that I'm still friends with, but when I owned those cars I always thought of them as stepping stones to my next Corvette. Both times that I went to Memphis Tennessee (in 1997 and 1998) for the big f-body mailing list get togethers, I stopped off at the Corvette assembly plant on my trip home. As soon as I saw those 97 Corvettes coming off the assembly line I knew I had to own one someday. I was so happy in August 2004 when I finally achieved that dream. It will now probably be a very long time before I can afford to buy a C6 Corvette, but I'm still very happy with my C5 so it's all good! :D
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