-- so far just one. It's a good one and I'm real happy with it.

If I win big tho I've got a few lined up for the garage:

'63 Split back fuelie
'67 Big Block
newer ZR1

I have a 2002 Convertible. I dreamed of owning a vette since I was 16. Finally in a position that I could by one by 44. It took a while, but I love the car and the reality of owning a convertible vette is as good as the dream!

This is one dream I could share with my wife, the rest go to the grave with me:)
The '05 was our first and with only 13K miles on it, will probably last us the rest of our days. It does everything well and we are still thoroughly enjoying it after putting on another 13K miles in the last year.
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My '75 is my first. Wanted one since I saw my first Vette at the age of 7 when my cousin bought his '74 brand new. I'd really like a '66 (the year I was born) but hard to swing that much cash right now. I don't think this will be my last, at least I hope not.
Including the 2 I have now, I have had a total of 7. 2 '67's, 2 '69's, both 427/390 hp. In addition, a '78 Anniversary, an '88 and a ZR1. Of them all, I like the '67's and my ZR1 the best. Been very fortunate to have had them all and have a very loving and understanding wife as well.
I am about 6 weeks into owning my first, a 2009 silver coupe and loving it. The car is everything I hoped it would be. Would love to buy another one and the metal bumper C3s are starting to tug at my heart strings.
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