Aug 23, 2021
08 Z06 Will Cooksey
I just drove this 2008 ZO6 Will Cooksey number 280 across Canada from BC to Newfoundland........
Amazing Drive I'd turn around and go back and do it all over again...
How many Will Cooksey Corvettes are left???


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Great trip!! I highly recommend a cross-Canada cruise to all Canadians, to truly appreciate what a great country we have full of wonderful sites and friendly people everywhere and especially in the Maritimes. I made the same trip back during the month of August 2000 on a Gold Wing motorcycle with my spouse as co-pilot, but unfortunately ran out of time and couldn't take the ferry to Nfld. So Nfld remains on our "bucket list" of places to visit.

Nice car. I had to look it up and found there were only 505 made with 427 going to the States, so you've likely got a fairly rare beast, especially after 13 years. It'll be interesting to see if any members of these Forums own one. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forums!
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Hello & Welcome.

:canada: Heading to the Maritimes on the road in October for a new home move-in.
Wife and Kid just completed this journey ahead of me - for Fall Term @ YFK UNB.
A return trip back to YYC will likely be the same route - as the USA option would still have too much post-covid drama.
I really want to sneak/hide my C7 in the hauler but I think the girls bought too much stuff for my trip. :angelic:

Still trying to decide on the best of hotels/motels for my hauling trip ... as I will be 45ft long for parking.
So far Moosomin SK for the first night with Dinner at the Red Barn. Many here in AB know this stop from MITM in 2018.
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Will have two drivers - so the first day will be a full day with an early departure from YYC.
Hoping for 700-900km (max) daily trips in a truck with car hauler.
Thinking Levi QC on the night before the Fredericton destination.

So am thinking to find 3-4 stops between Moosomin SK & Levis QC through Ottawa.
Would prefer rural highway locations away from hotels in the hustle of larger cities.

Wife & Kid did YYC to YFK with 4 stops but this was without a trailer - full day journeys with 2 drivers.
(YYC-Brandon-Thunder Bay-Sudbury-Levis-Fredericton)

Sorry for the derail of the OP - but perhaps very much related to the same journey and
useful for anyone else thinking of a West/East Canada journey in the future with nice
places to stop. The future has this in one of our Corvettes too for some Maritime exploring.
I'm a bit ahead of myself with that but can't help thinking of it. :angelic:
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