What generation of Vette are we talking? I have Hedman's on my C3 but I see that all of the above mentioned are for C5/C6 only except American Racing who also make for C4.
From what Manny has said and what I understand on the subject, you'll typically see 5 to 10 hp with stand alone shorty headers, and the more efficient long tubes will yield 10 to 20 ------ If you get a more complete system and a tune, those numbers rise to 10 to 20 (shorty) and 20 to 30 long tubes. Don't forget more efficient out means that you'll need more efficient in so don't forget the intake since you'll see most gains in the higher rpm range.

Manny will chime in when time permits but I'm pretty sure he'll comfirm those numbers and he will know more about newer JBA's -- I've had JBA's in the past but not for a long time.
I'd also consider ceramic coating to help with heat issues not only on headers but the whole system.

I could see where anything would help under the console. It gets pretty hot. I always ran headers on our old Chevelles. Buy the wrong brand and you could run into real fit issues. Some companies still forget that the headers have to fit in a chassis and that the cars actually run spark plugs and plug wires. I don't need that kind of annoyance. Too old for that. If I were to go to headers on this car, I want the right ones the first time. That's where the experience of you guys comes in.
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Shorty headers are generally a waste of time and the gains from them are mostly because they are new and free of carbon build up. Long tubes offer a better bang for the buck and are proven performers. I understand that the cost of long tubes or a complete long tube, cats and x-pipe are expensive but if you do it right the first time you're not re-doing it later, and spending even more money. The exception to the rule would be LT1 F-bodies(Camaro/Firebird) which are brutal for space or if you did a swap like an LS motor in say a '57 Bel Air and that's all you can squeeze into place. Not to sound preachy, but go with LG's and a tune from Manny and you won't be disappointed. There was a good point I believe from Colin too, which was to make sure that the air in, matches the air out.
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