We have a 2005 and I have read that just the Z51 cars had the toe link with the grease fittings. Ours isn't listed as having the Z51 but does have the grease fittings. Just curious. If there are grease fittings I grease them. :D

That is odd , as the Z51 cars are the only ones with the grease nipples .

Are you sure its not a Z51 car / What brake rotors does it have , solid or drilled ?
Can I say that I have the one of one with the two zerk fittings? A COPO perhaps? :rofl: Talk about special car. It's probably worth a fortune........NOT. I am always reading where the assembly line ran out of this or that and substituted with something else. They don't do that without engineering approval first. I think that mostly, the guy has restored the car with the wrong parts and this is his out. What happened here, who knows. The car had less that 22K km so I doubt that parts were worn out.

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