got my fix this weekend of my might just be stock vette

Well with the warm temps +8 I just had to go see her and wipe her down.
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seen +10 on friday had 3ft of snow and down to inch or 2 now

If video doesn't work or is slow take HD off bottem right
Seems to be a large hair dryer on the on the side of your engine :confused: :rofl:

Not so stock EH !

Hey Riley had 3 vette's and 1 CTSV through the shop , Friday and Saturday morning with the +10 temps :canada:
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+10? Less snow? 3 Vettes and a CTSV to the shop? I hate you both.:D

Video worked on the computer. That is one gorgeous car you have! I can't wait for the summer to begin, no matter in what part of the Country it happens as the rest should soon follow.
So what are you say'in !!!!! tic tic boom? Or tinker tinker ?

Tic tic boom :confused: not at all . For the most part the cars that go boom are a result of abuse from the owner . You can do alot performance work to a vette and not hurt anything so long as you your not bouncing the rev limiter at every stop light or doing 6500 rpm drop launches .

I would forsure say tinker .......most people that I have come in contact with and have done work for are always looking to do a little more ,
after all it is for alot of us a hobby . There are a whole wack of tasteful cosmetic and performance mods you can do . Enjoy your vette :canada:
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