Mar 29, 2014
Vero Beach, FL (was Brampton ON)
2014 Z51 M7 Coupe
I've been looking for the last 4 weeks to buy a Z51 without any luck. All dealers I talked to did not have any allocation left on the Z51's. Humberview had one that they have order but was red and a convertible, not what I was looking for and no one else I could find had one.

So I'd given up on ordering a 2014 Z51. Well on Saturday I was in Woodbridge and on my way home to Brampton decided to drop into my local dealer and put some money down for a 2015. Well to my surprise they had just got 3 allocations from GM a week earlier, with one being for a Z51. The sale manager said the allocations were only good to the 31st and since he hadn't sold the Z51 yet he had placed an order for himself. He said if you order, I have no choice but give my order to you.

So I sat down, configured and signed the offer. Then sat with the manager as he went into the ordering system and cancelled his, and replaced it with mine.

Walked out with my preliminary order, and delivery window of early July, I guess before they convert over for the 2015's.

Wife is so happy!

So not sure if any other dealers got last minute allocation allowances but wouldn't hurt to call if you really want one.
Manager was okay with it, he already has a C6. But he said his wife wouldn't be happy.

My wife is the one who has wanted a vette forever, and is going to be a summer, weekend driver only. Went basic C7 Z51 1LT manual, Midnight Race Blue w Black Rims, nothing else. All in delivery & taxes 67k. For what your getting it's hard to beat.
You are lucky! You will likely get yours before I get mine and I ordered mine Oct 31st and I still do not have a build date. I am so frustrated with GM. I was supposed to have it for May 1st, I will be lucky if I receive it for June 1st. Congrats, I almost went with the midnight blue.
Hi smackYYZ!

Thank you for appreciating our manager here at Gateway Chev :) I guess you forgot to mention your sales rep, Owais Jamali, who helped you with this purchase ;-)

Thank you very much for stopping by our dealership this past Saturday!

Any one here looking for some additional info on the 2014/2015 Corvettes please feel free to PM me or TXT me at 416-826-7006.

Best Regards,
@ first_place_trailer,

We have allocations now for two 2015's only. We are expecting to get a couple of allocations for 2014 before the end of this week so please stay in touch!

Please call me 416-826-7006 to confirm availabilities and to place orders.

Best Regards,
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