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Sep 30, 2021
2021 Corvette
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Just some food for thought on Girodisc rotors.......
Great rotors ....I have them on my C8.....But did you guys know that they are not coated ?
Yea wash your car once after installing them and watch the rust form before your eyes .
I sent an email with pics to paragon performance explaining the problem.
And they responded by telling me that when i apply the brake a few times the rust will vanish....
:D:D DUUUUUU !!!! yes this i know of course the braking surface will be wiped clean ... sure it will
but what about the vents and area right around the hat that dont get wiped by the pads?
They of course will remain and continue to accumulate that unsightly rust.

So I pulled them off and cleaned the rust then painted the non contact areas with silver VHT paint being very careful not to contaminate the braking surface......They now look as they should have come from the factory.

I have these rotors paired with Hawk performance ceramic pads and that has eliminated 90 % of all brake dust.

Now I know that most will say the primary function of performance rotors is just that ... performance and yes these rotors very much out perform the stock ones and paired with my fully forged HRE P107SCs its a completely different driving experience compared to the stock brakes and original concrete shoes the car came with.

The car feels lighter , much easier to control and way more fun to drive .

As for looks not being that important ??? Remember you eat with your eyes first..
And thats one reason I bought my C8....If I wanted performance and didnt care about looks I would have bought a ferrari or porsche....but no I bought a Corvette :Hurray::Hurray: and for me the Corvette ... no matter the second to NONE

As for the rotors .. have a look ... and tell me what you think looks better



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