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Sep 2, 2014
2015 Z51 Mag ride
Two days ago I installed the Carbotech 1521s and new OEM painted rotors on my Z51. Went through the bedding procedure the evening of the job and today I had a long drive for the first time. My impression is that the pads are not biting at quite the same aggressiveness as the Brembo pads from GM. The car stops fine, but it takes a bit more effort on the pedal to get the pads to bite down. Now, I did not change the break fluid (last done in 2020) so that may help. For those of you who have swapped for Carbotechs, did it take some time for the breaks to perform to your expectation? TIA for your responses.
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What you're experiencing is, in my opinion, quite normal.

While I've not tried the Carbotech products I have used the Power Stop Z26 and the EBC Redstuff ceramic based pads in an effort to deal with the excessive brake dust created by the OEM Brembos.

What most of the aftermarket pads have in common is the fact that they contain a significantly higher amount of ceramic and/or kevlar in addition to the carbon base. While this helps with dust reduction it also makes the pad harder which can result in the need for more effort at the brake pedal. Initial bite is not quite as good as the OEM pads for the same reason plus the fact that the ceramic pads need a bit more heat to function at maximum efficiency. You may find that the aftermarket pads work well after they get some heat into them. The Brembos are much softer and have a higher carbon content and, as such, don't need much initial heat to work well. Changing the brake fluid is not likely to change what you're experiencing.

I've found that the aftermarket pads perform about as well, but not better than the Brembos, when they're hot. The benefit is that they tend to produce far less dust.

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Thanks Ross. I was beginning to suspect as much. Went for a drive today and the breaks did seem to get grippier once they had some heat in them. So maybe there is very slight performance compromise, but I am liking the reduction in break dust. I probably just need to adjust my thinking and give the breaks time to get up to temp.
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