Colin... I love Foreigner too..
"Waiting For A Girl Like You".. And "I Wanna Know What Love Is" are masterpieces as far as I'm concerned!
Then rockin' to "Cold As Ice" " Hot Blooded"..."Urgent"..."Juke Box Hero"...
On and on it goes.....
No surprise that you guys love 'em too. I bet they have many many fans.
Such good hits and excellent stage show.

The live show much have been awesome Doug.

Rock on brothers. :D

We're off to live music in the park tonite....
The Deep Cove Marina as a backdrop for the cover-tune band.
Maybe they'll play a couple of Foreigner tunes!!!
A blanket on the hillside, some wings and salad and maybe a wine/ale.
PS We'll play Foreigner in the car on the way there, just in case! LOL
Yep ,I'm still in the 50's but I must say Foreigner is pretty good .

The thread title scared me a little I thought Colin was going to talk about me :D

........LOL Steve, y'all ain't foreign ....... we all adopted you nice folks in Maine. You're part of the family brother. :D

Like you I love the oldies too, but there are some real good 70's and 80's too that get my attention.

Rock on folks.
Well.. We just got home from live music in the Park.. Classic rock tonite.
No Foreigner but lots of other hits had the hillside dancing.
I did go out last week and saw Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band. An outstanding evening of tunes by some great band members from Toto, Santana, Mr. Mister and Todd Rundgren. Ringo was great... 74 Years young and active as anything.
That'll be the man Graham.
To tell the truth I was semi joking... I'm not that big on Perry Como.

Sign me up for Roy Orbison, Pet Shop Boys, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, Men Without Hats, Dire Straits, Chumba Wumba, Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Rawlin's Cross, The Nylons and so on....

Pretty eclectic jumble eh?
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