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Dec 5, 2011
2006 C6
I have a set of Z06 replica rims and tires for sale.
Im in the process of getting larger wheels & rubber for track purposes and Im trying to recoup some of the cost by selling these wheels. They are in beautiful condition, not one scratch, ding, mark, nothing. The tires on them have less then 2000KM, and are a good set of tires, not a cheap pair.
The rims are 19x10 (rear), and 18x8.5 (front), and the tires are...

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar EMT
Fronts P245/40ZR18
Rears P285/35ZR19
The tire pressure monitors also come with the wheels and tires.

I am asking $1600 for the wheels and tires, i have looked around and this is a very fair asking price.

*Im also selling the front and rear panels as well for $200 a piece (they are white)
follow link for pictures
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Just a couple questions people may be wondering. Are they the original tires? If not, what brand are they? Do the tire pressure monitors come with the wheels and tires? Do you have pictures you can post? It may help sell the set.

Best of luck with the sale!!!!!


also check ur add - it mentions 19 inch front but your tire size indicates 18s - I am assuming like most vettes you have 18 fronts and 19 rears ... if you still have em in the spring I may have to take em off yer hands :)

JSH this is a really old thread from 2011. The OP has not been on the site since December 2011 so my best guess the wheels, tire and he moved on.

Easy to do, I miss the date on the start of some threads as well.

Think I will just lock this one.
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