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Nov 14, 2023
Hi everyone I’m Gerry. I live in Ontario and I know I’ll likely be in contact with people near and far.
I was uneducated this past July when I bought my 2007 Base Convertible. I couldn’t check all the boxes so I opted for this one. I’ve had Porsche and BMW and the Corvette is bar none my keeper.
I have an issue though! One of the owners before me (3others) had a Z06 widebody rear end installed.
They left the front end stock.
Dilemma with wheel offset is one issue. Requires 50.8 mm spacers on the rear as stock wheels are a +79 offset.
I am seriously considering converting the front to a Z06 that way I can do the brakes and get a set of wheels and tires to “work” properly and get rid of the spacers. I know it’s a bunch of work and I am mechanically inclined with all the tools but where do I even begin to find exactly what pieces I need to accomplish getting the front end to a Z06 from the base. Many thanks in advance pointing me in the right direction.


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