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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon,

Just wondering how you are all doing as the Canadian driving season winds down. Any last rides planned?

I sold my house in SR this week and so moved the last few things I still had there including my yellow Dakota that has been sitting in the unheated garage for the past oh 5 years maybe. One observation is holy moly did the underside of the truck ever corrode! Of course that could also be from maybe 8 or more winters in Northern Alberta where they salt the heck out of the roads! I'm not sure why I kept the truck, it was my first new vehicle and also was bought in order to reward myself for the first time I lost 50 lbs. It is a 1999 so only worth maybe 2K but only has 110,000 km on it so I just decided to keep it. The battery may be toast - yup - another idiot mistake, this time having replaced the battery maybe last winter or winter before that and rather than getting a battery minder I just through the charger on it and left it plugged in. I'm still not sure why it started on Monday so I was able to bring it home but it did but this morning I couldn't get any life out of it at all. Eventually traced it to one possible reason - all the electrolite had been boiled away. My father, the electrical engineer, came over to help me and stated "more batteries are ruined by battery chargeers being left on for too long and any other reason". Another lesson learned! So I'm not sure if the battery is salvageable or not, I got it to start so I could add air to the tires - I was surprised that they were all still around 25 psi of 35 recommended. I even got my backside under the truck to check the spare for the first time since I owned the truck - completely flat! I'm not sure if I'll ever do any road trips with it but at least the spare tire should have air for a while. On the plus side it was sinter when I parked it so it already has the winter tires on it!

Back to the Corvettes though..............if you'll recall I had to replace the battery in the Z06 this summer and no not because I left the charger on too long either! Most likely due to periods of over 4 days which is usually how long the battery would last before it needed to be boosted. The new battery is much better, maybe 8 or 9 days it seems.

It was raining, it snowed and we hit a high of maybe +3 yesterday. Today it is 112 above and windy but almost as good as it gets at this time of year. While piddling around with the Dakota I checked and the car started so I think I will fill the tank with gas and go for a drive. We finished harvesting two weeks ago and finished drying grain yesterday so we're all just trying to unwind.

I have a 40' SeaCan here that is pretty well empty. I think I'll park the Dakota in there for the winter, plenty of room on the sides. It also appears that it might be wide enough for the Z06 if I'm careful but I'll have to exit through the trunk!!

Any comments on parking the car in the SeaCan for the winter I might want to avail myself of BEFORE I do so??!!

I may also see if there is any local car storage available - sadly Manny's great opportunity is a bit too far for me to consider!

I ran another race on Thursday at Dreamer's Lake. I had to run with the senior high school boys but was still 1st in my division (Master's Men) and even beat two of the oh 10 or so high school boys which sure made me feel good about the fact that in one month I'll be turning 50!!!!



I should drive the Shaftsbury Ferry road, it winds south of Peace River along the river itself and even with the winds we're had we still have some of the fall leaves on the trees so I'm sure it looks beautiful still. And any seat time in the Z06 at this time of year ought to be taken advantage of.............
A vidographer I am not!

So I did shoot the video yesterday but the angle was not so good and my voice commentary was hard to hear over the roar of the mighty LS7! I may re-shoot if another such great day comes.

But I took the Z06 to go running in PR this morning. One of those hedonistic moments, +6, seat warmer on high, window rolled down and the heater on full, you know, typical Canadian fall drive!

On the way home this elderly fellow in a sedan pulled up along side me and asked me to "warm my tires up" so I gave him a little chirp and he gave me a big smile and wave.

But while it was cooler today, I was heading west to go home and the sun was still low in the sky and hitting the yellow and orange leaves on the trees, everything in the world just seemed to be all right then. I'm sure my blood pressure must have dropped in half..................


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