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Jun 26, 2014
Far East of Canada
Centennial coupe
Cool but what day for a run. Went to visit a local car collection before they close for the season

Vernons Antique Car Museum - Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Vintage Cars

Pictures don't do it justice. Best part was a personal tour for the first 30 minutes before the owner had to run off on an errand. His knowledge of the cars in the collection was encyclopedic. I should have grabbed a few pictures of what was hanging on the walls and the displays. They were almost as impressive as the vehicles.

Here is just a taste of it

Each of these, when new, were more than the average house. This is the owner giving us a tour.

Only documented one left out of 16

Just to give an idea. This shows about 90% of the vehicles.

His "office" area. In front are some the awards his vehicles have won across Canada and down in the States

LOL, he kept an eye on me when I found this.

All-in-all, a return visit is in order once he opens up again in the spring.
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