Dec 26, 2009
Ponoka, AB.
2014 C7 3LT Z51
What are your thoughts? Because of all the grit, sand ect around here every spring I bought the front and rear guards from CC......the Altec molded ones. Has anyone used these and were you happy with the fit? I can't seem to get a nice fit doesn't matter where I place them. :( I bought something similar from GM for my wifes H3 and the fit was perfect front and rear ones.
Have new ones (molded) for the front that I have not had time to fit yet. Like you, tho, I found preliminary fitment difficult and not very pleasing.
I hope to get into it once I get time and the weather improves. -- Seems they would be quite effective once fitted tho.

Not sure about a C5, but on a C6 use the factory splash guards. They do the job, fit perfectly and make the car look better.
Here are mine from West Coast Corvette: They are made of fiberglass but are now available in hard plastic, and made to conform to the look of the car and to go with the rear OEM guards. Also made to fit over top of the small OEM guards so fairly easy install.
When I do get them on I'll post pics to see what everyone thinks.
Not sure if they are available yet from Corvette Central -- you might want to check.

front side with rubber seals exposed:

back side:
Mine look good as the car is black, so they blend in nicely.

I recommend them--I bought the OEM ones and can't really even see them on the car. Plus the paint it saves is better even if they are a little more unsightly.............
Splash Guards from CC

Anyone install these splash guards, if so what is your thoughts


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Splash guard - c6 APSIS

Yes, the APSIS guards fit right over top of the existing OEM guards. It took all of about 5 minutes to install them.

The only minor issue is the top of the splash guard ... I used a bit of glue and left a clamp on it over night so that it fit tight to the panel.

So far, no complaints other than the original price I paid for them! LOL Must be the Corvette Tax some folks talk about. LOL
Very cool.
I'm looking for a set that will work with a C6...if anyone has any leads please let me know. I've got a thread going in the WTB section too.

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