Jan 8, 2015
2007 C6 Twin Turbo
So this one dates back about 11 years ago. At the time I was just starting to get into fast cars. I worked as a driller in Alberta but drove an airbagged GTP.

Anyways so my wife with the first child on the way my wife said it was time to "grow up" and get a family car. So I bought this GTP sedan. I thought the 3.8 Supercharged L67 would be enough. I did a few small bolt on mods and was starting to learn about turbos. With a few small mods I went to the track and on a 2.0 60' I ran a 13.9. I was kind of impressed. My bagged one had every bolt on and was stronger but not track legal. So never did run it.

But what else could I do......So I started to look around and decided to fab up a turbo system. Wouldnt you know it on the same 9psi as the m90 blower I went 12.1@121. Sure the car was dyno tuned now but really a 2 second gain!!?? The rest is history.

If I do recall my best 60 was a 2.1. If you look close those are mustang wheels. So let me get a fatter tire.
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