MAY!!! oh my god guys are you serious? what the hell is going on in your back alley's. I will be plating mine on Friday and it is booked in for a bunch of work on Monday then its drive time!!

Except I need a new battery so I guess I should do that to,

Well, not for a couple weeks for sure. Yah, the garage in the back yard floods every spring when the melt starts. It gets about an inch of water in it and then it freezes at night turning it into a sheet of ice. The floor is f'ing cold from the winter, so it stays as an ice sheet until I can get the car out and let some heat in there. The garage must have sank a bit because it is lower than the alley, so water pools in front of the door and won't start drying until the alley is dry. So, I have the vette up on blocks (drove it up on some 2x4's) so it's not in the water. Once I can get the car out, the ice goes away pretty quick and it is time to drive the car!
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