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Mar 1, 2015
SW Ontario
2009 C6 Z06
Hi guys,

I'd like to bring my C7 home this Saturday. But the weather forecast is calling for a high of -1. I've read all the comments about Michelin tires not faring well in cold weather. Should I be worried about that? Do you guys drive your cars when it's below 0?

Michelin states that grip falls off once below +7 and then not to drive once below -7 due to the possibility of cracking.

I found that once the temp gets below +7 the tires start to loose their grip.
So if it's dry out and above -7 just take it easy and bring her home.

It will be warm soon! I hope!
You can always find worse I have a biger size image but couldn't figure how to load it



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2 very cold winters...NO visible cracks :rofl:
Delivered Jan '14 in a blizzard

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