Feb 11, 2010
London, ON
2004 z06
I've owned a number of tire smoking beasts in my day... and I've been throwing this idea around for some time and I wanted to know if you guys agreed or I'm just turning into a giant P****?

I find a driver slower the louder the car I'm driving is.... in normal traffic...

It occurred to me when I was driving my wife's civic... I had the pedal down to the floor numerous times on my drive... I was more aggressive in traffic... after I got home I jumped in the vette.

I found from light to light I was slower than most cars as I am afraid of lighting up the back end if I get on it to much in 1st and 2nd. I'm also always conscience of how loud the car is above 3k rpm. I'm also 1/2 paranoid that a LEO will give me a ticket if I accelerate too fast off the light even if I'm not spinning the tires.

There are a few times when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere and all that goes out the window... but I bought the vette to drive fast 100% of the time (within reason and the law).

What the hell is wrong with this picture?
I don't drive my car cause I have to, I drive it cause I want to. The slow drive just means you get to enjoy it longer! I like the medium speed cruise when in the city. It give everyone a good look at your car.

I have pulled up to a lot of cars now and only one challenged me... the rest either gave me a smug look or a friendly nod/thumbs up.

Guess the category... choices are 1) Smug 2) Friendly Nod 3) Race

Porsche Boxster
Mustang with modified hood (blower) and drag radials
Corvette (various)
300c/challenger/charger rt/srt8's

Most just listen to the exhaust and then glance at the hood and back off.
I had a guy in an 05+ Mustang with exhaust ask me if i wanted to hit it at the lights when i was getting into my car at a local 7/11. I said i am just getting used to the car but sure why not. I started my car, as he was giving his car a few revs, and yelled out the window "lets go" (he was parked right beside me). He said "holy F**k....maybe another time" and took off.

Bahahahaha :rofl:
Actually I probably drive my pickup harder than the Vette.

Most of the time I take it pretty easy, especially in town. The odd time on an open empty road..???????

As far as being challenged by every punk that comes along, I just ignore them. I've got nothing to prove to guy's like that.
Depends on how I'm feeling but on highway probably a bit quicker than I should most times (just ask the oh-so-friendly officer that let me go with a verbal suggestion...not warning, suggestion lol) and city it varies, if I am first in line at the light I guarantee I am first to the next one :p

And no challengers yet, of the capital C or lower case...all those Hemis seem to disappear down side streets no matter how much I dawdle trying to let them sidle up beside me. Like really, I'm just the little baby of the Vette family.

One last note: I was out cruising in the new baby and saw a guy driving an Emerson edition Vette, pulled up beside him smiled, waved and gave thumbs up, his nose went in the air and he turned away never to glance back...there is the dude that gives Vette owners a bad name. :swear:
I only let er rip when at a light with a previous tail gater behind, go fast until the limit. Never abuse anything. Follow limits until there is no one around. Never (ok, almost never) give in to anyone around. And never to anything less. Only 350hp+ need apply, which usually win.
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