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Feb 28, 2009
Cold lake, Alberta
Read it, know it but damn after three weeks she wouldn't start, and she was in reverse the whole time, anyone out there on the same page?
For those who may not know DBS (dead battery syndrome) seems to possibly be an issue, with C6's guess i'll have to keep a trickle on her to keep it in check.
Anyone else have this? and if so what do you do about it beyond disconnecting the bat.
I have installed a battery cut switch on the ground circuit in the past. However is a pain in the butt when re setting all your presets and clock on your stereo!
As Pierre said. Pick up a battery tender, it's the best $50.00 mod you can buy.
Don't buy a cheap 1 amp unit, you need the 2 amp unit with a smart card which automatically shuts off when the battery reaches the proper charge level.
You can find these at most power-sports and motorcycle dealers.:canada:
I haven't had a problem with the C6 so far, but I was told from the dealer I bought it from, that it will go dead if you don't drive it for 3 - 4 weeks. I had the Battery tender Plus on it over the winter. no issues when I started it last week.
I have a few buddies that have C5's that have had grounding issues in the past. They had to clean up all the grounding points and coat them with di-electric grease, and have had no issues since.
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